About us


“Keep it simple to our clients – Allow them to focus on their goods and services alone,
while we deal with the operational side of the import/export.”

Entecke UG © was established in 2011 to meet the demands of small and medium companies with the interest of acting on the international market.

With Germany’s growing presence on foreign commerce, we began to contemplate internationalization opportunities through the development of new business and acquiring new partners and foreign suppliers.

Entecke UG makes it viable to reach these goals, offering complete and customized solutions on all chains of supply. We will take care of your import from locating new products and markets, going through the entire operation of the foreign trade, until the delivery goods and services to the client.

We offer the services of tributary planning, always ethically and transparently, seeking financial and fiscal benefits.

Under management of professionals with a wide breadth of experience, graduated in the areas of foreign trade, economy, accounting and legal, Entecke UG makes it viable to reduce business costs in International Businesses and the bureaucratic dealings with great speed and results, making use of the best available fiscal benefits. We count with partners all over the world to facilitate and assist in the entire process of the import/export.


Entecke UG has been assisting a number of companies into joining the German roll of import/export.

We offer our services through the modalities of ‘Import/Export on Behalf of Third Party’ (Contract Import/Export), Indirect Order and Export, in accordance with Customsregulations.

We have a tributary differential for these operations that will reduce your financial cost in a significant way.

We offer integrated solutions:

  • Direct contact with suppliers, local and abroad, as well as potential clients to speed up the process of import/export for your company.
  • Partnership with the biggest Logistical Operators of the market – National and Foreign.